Our Values

Our Mission

To provide compassion and holistic support to Seafarers from around the world visiting Sydney, no matter their background.
We deliver this through visiting seafarers and providing a place of hospitality and a sanctuary of hope.
We do it because we wish to manifest the love and hope of Jesus by being His ‘love in action’.

Our Values

is key to all relationships. We hold in esteem and show dignity to all seafarers, staff, volunteers and visitors, irrespective of their rank, status, ethnicity, nationality, beliefs, birth or sexuality.

socially speaking, it is to give a group of people the means to take more control of their lives and become stronger and more independent. We want to give them a sense of hope in the midst of the difficulties that they are facing.

the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something to ease it.

means worthy of trust. As we minister to seafarers, we want to convey to them that we are worthy of their trust and confidentiality. They can rely upon us to assist them especially in times of need.

the ability of thinking outside the square characterized by new things or ideas. 

an act of communication with God to enable us to better serve and assist seafarers.

“We strive to serve seafarers well, not because we pity them or want to be seen as virtuous, but because through our service, we are recognising that they are people, valuable to God and worthy of our love.” From Reflection: Serving with Compassion and Humility, Spirit Focus Day, MtS Syd Centre 2023.

Holiday Hours - regular except CLOSED on Dec 25, Dec 31 and Jan 1, 2024.​