Meet The Board

Meet the Board:

Our Chair: Robert Dunn

Chair since May 2023. BA (hon), GAICD, CA (ANZ)

“What I love about the Mission is that it is totally people focused. It is special volunteering for a charity where you can interact with those you are helping. And we are ready to do so much more if we have additional resources.”

Robert has extensive experience in port operations, corporate finance, governance and international development. A former Chair of the Port Authority of NSW, he recently retired from his role as
Global Executive Director of microfinance NFP Opportunity International and continues to serve as the Chair of BaptistCare NSW&ACT and Logosdor.

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John Bradley

Master Mariner

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I had seen first hand how Mission Centres provided advice and support for injured and distressed seafarers..so I decided to get involved“ – John 

John has spent over 50 years on ships and in maritime commercial management. His focus is not to let the globalised maritime industry forget that they have international obligations to care for seafarers.

Jane Fyffe


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The work seafarers do is so important because seafarers lead such a lonely life and are the forgotten people. We rely on them everyday.” – Jane

Jane’s father was a Merchant Seafarer and all her family has been involved with MTS. She has been volunteering for about 40 years including as a bus driver and finance manager

Christopher 'Kit' Rynd

Retired Commodore

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“Seafarer wellbeing is integral with seafarer safety and performance. The Mission to Seafarers provides a haven for the benefit of seafarers. This is particularly helpful when they need someone outside workmates or their employer to talk to, or a break from life aboard. With shorter turnaround times and restrictions for health and security reasons this is more important than ever.” – Kit

Commodore Christopher ‘Kit’ Rynd (ret.) has spent over 45 years at sea, the majority in passenger and cruise ships including the QE2 on worldwide itineraries. He also served as a List 1 Reserve Officer in the Royal Navy with service in mine hunters and fisheries protection. Now retired from the sea, he works as a consultant in maritime affairs with special interest in Human Factors training, Bridge Team Management and mentoring under the auspices of the Nautical Institute, of which he is a Fellow, and the Australian Marine Pilots Institute.

Mark Edmonds

BA Hon, M Def Studies, M Sc, GD Bus Tech

“I have always had a love of the sea, and those that serve on it… I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of an organisation committed to their welfare” – Mark

An executive leader with expertise in security and efficiency, Mark is especially keen to find ways to leverage technology and change to improve stakeholder value for both donors and seafarers. 

He has worked across aviation, rail, health and Defence.


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Justin Moffatt

BA Bth (Hons)

“There is joy in watching an organisation so rich in history, with a bright future, and yet having a powerful reason to exist in the present: namely the care of seafarers both physically and spiritually.” – Justin

Justin joined the board years ago in about 2017 as local Anglican clergy. As Senior Minister at Church Hill Anglican — which includes nearby Garrison Church —Justin believes that the ancient Christian Gospel has relevance for a new generation, including with seafarers from all around the globe.

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Daniel Belzer

B Ec Soc Sci

“After almost a decade of brainstorming ways to help MTS, I’m excited to use my experience to find way to increase the Mission’s impact even further.” – Daniel

Daniel has over 20 years of experience in finance, business development and marketing. He is currently Director of Program Development at Library for All, an entity of Save the Children.

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