Local & Worldwide Ports

Mission to Seafarers Sydney is part of a global network of 200+ ports across 50 different countries.

Australian Ports

The Mission to Seafarers Australia has more than 25 ports around the country that are there to help serve the needs of seafarers. These Centres provide a wide range of services including counselling, emergency assistance, communication facilities, transport, and spiritual support. The Network collaborates to ensure that these Centres are well-maintained and staffed by dedicated teams providing excellent care to seafarers.

International Ports

Internationally, The Mission To Seafarers have 200 ports across 50 different countries where we work.

Whether you want to talk through a problem, book transportation or visit a centre, our local teams are there to provide you with the practical and emotional support that you need.

Holiday Hours - regular except CLOSED on Dec 25, Dec 31 and Jan 1, 2024.​