Corporate Partner Invitation

Your Invitation to Partner with Us

We are experts in reliably delivering vital wellbeing Services for Seafarers of all ethnicities and faiths, when they need it most.

A global charity with a local edge

We are part of global charity working in over 200 ports around the world helping industry to implement the
The MARITIME LABOUR CONVENTION 2006 – free of charge to seafarers.

Regulation B4.4 – Access to shore-based welfare facilities and services to secure [Seafarers’] health and well-being.

“1. Each Member shall … promote the development of welfare facilities … in designated ports to provide seafarers on ships that are in its ports with access to adequate welfare facilities and services.”

Ships can't sail without people.

An integral part of our mission is to care for the shipping industry’s most important asset: its people

“Mainly due to globalization and change of industry structures, voluntary contributions from shipowners, or their organisations’ have diminished by over 70% over the past 20 years… Meanwhile, the demands and needs continue to grow.”

– Capt John Bradley, MtS Board, Inaugural Annual Luncheon 2022.

Your donation can help us in Sydney to provide:

More services especially for psychological support: A recent study showed that at least 6.5% of seafarer deaths were suicides – 4 times higher than Australia’s national average.
More Ports: more bus transport and ship visits at Port Botany, plus we could add Glebe Island and Kurnell to transport route.

To open the Mission Centre for longer hours. Provide more time, support and space to recharge ready for the next voyage.

Good Reasons to Choose Mission to Seafarers Sydney

“NSW Ports is proud to support Sydney Mission to Seafarers and seafarers more broadly through our Covid-19 vaccination program – which has delivered almost 3000 vaccinations to seafarers across Port Botany and Port Kembla.”

– NSW Ports communications manager Brooke

Daily Cargo News ‘NSW Ports Backs Mission to Seafarers’. 23rd January, 2023

NSW Ports Port Operations Manager Wayne Ashton helps Rev Tay and Chaplain Jack pack gift bags during his visit to present a $15,000 cheque to our Mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your company rely on seafarers? Get in touch with the Mission and find out how you or your colleagues and staff can get involved.

How to Become a Sponsor

We rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors to help us care for the wellbeing of seafarers visiting our ports. We are grateful for each prospective sponsor’s passion to support the wide-ranging needs of seafarers.

To discuss how we can partner together, please contact Clayton, our CEO on clayton.strong@missiontoseafarers.org.au

Thank you to Bethel Union Australia:

The ongoing support from the SBU, provides a firm foundation covering our main operating expenses, so your gift can go towards expanding and improving our services to help better meet the needs of more seafarers.

Learn more at: www.sydneybethelunion.com.au

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